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KSBm - Children Solo Ballet (Boys)

High resolution photographs and video will be available to download free of charge in a few weeks. We'll email you when it's ready.

KSBm - Children Solo Ballet (Boys) Images

KSBm - Children Solo Ballet (Boys)

KSBm - Children Solo Ballet (Boys) Results

  KSBm - Children Solo Ballet (Boys)          
3 António Casalinho 12.09 Academia Annarella Portugal CORSARIO 98.7
4 Francisco Gomes 12.10 Academia Annarella Portugal PAISANT 92.0
7 Elliot Lewing 13.06 Harlequin Stage School England TWO PIGEONS VARIATION 79.7
6 Sacha Louant 13.04 ASBL TERPSICHORE Belgium BADINERIE 79.3
9 Noah Amann 13.11 T-Studio Ballett & Pilates Germany VARIATION FROM FLAMES OF PARIS 77.0
1 Yannik Gazinski 11.11 Ballettschule International Bonn Germany VARIATION AUS LE CORSAIR 75.0
5 Gregory Sadler 13.02 Jago Dance Studio England FLAMME DE PARIS 74.0
2 Joe Hubbard Bateman 12.05 North Hampshire Academy of Dance England PAQUITA VARIATION 8 62.0
8 Connor Meineke 13.08 The Meineke Academy of Performing Arts Germany MALE VARIATION FROM GISELLE 61.3