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KDT - Children Duet/Trio Tap

High resolution photographs and video will be available to download free of charge in a few weeks. We'll email you when it's ready.

KDT - Children Duet/Trio Tap Images

KDT - Children Duet/Trio Tap

KDT - Children Duet/Trio Tap Results

    KDT - Children Duet/Trio Tap          
Gold 5 Grace Riley, Finlay Adams 11,13 Dupont Dance Stage School England A'INT SHE SWEET 86.7
Silver 12 Katie Fealy, Luke Lowry 12,13 Ison Aslanoff School England KNOCKING AT MY DOOR 85.3
Bronze 13 Elisha Horsepool, Ewan Mauger 13,13 The Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts Guernsey THEY BOTH REACHED FOR THE GUN 83.0
4 7 Erin Benjamin, Tom Herbert 11,12 Sarah Burnell School of Dance Wales WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES 81.7
5 9 Mackenzie Conlon, Saffron Hamilton-Gill 11,13 SWINDON ACADEMY OF DANCE England SWING SET 81.3
6 10 Anna Hughes, Lauren Mc Alinden 12,13 Morgan Theatre Arts Northern Ireland MOSES SUPPOSES 81.0
7 6 Alica Kranzmayr, Stefania Zarac 11,12 Dancing World Tanzschule Alexander Kreissl Austria FIT AS A FIDDLE 78.7
8 4 Phoebe Gray, Mia Pirouet, Esther Wilderspin 10,11,11 St Ouens School of Dancing Jersey GOTTA HAVE HEART 78.0
9 8* Garrett Jody, Haire Megan, Mccullough Mollie 11,12,13 ConnfiDANCE Studios Northern Ireland WEAPON OF CHOICE 76.5
10 1 Amelie Biedermann, Pia Mienert 9,10 Tanzstudio Odenthal Germany TRADITIONAL 75.3
10 3 Chloe Maurer, Grace Watt 10,10 Edinburgh Dance Academy Scotland JELLICLE BALL 75.3
12 11 Jennifer Long, James Savident 12,13 Avril Earl Dance & Theatre Arts Centre Guernsey DANCE WITH ME 74.3
13 2 Tabitha Badstübner, Luise Zurmöhle, Josephine Zurmöhle 9,11,11 Ballettschule Korinna Söhn Germany IT DON'T MEAN A THING 72.0
* Points deducted for rules violation