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JDT - Junior Duet/Trio Tap

High resolution photographs and video will be available to download free of charge in a few weeks. We'll email you when it's ready.

JDT - Junior Duet/Trio Tap Images

JDT - Junior Duet/Trio Tap

JDT - Junior Duet/Trio Tap Results

08:00 JDT - Junior Duet/Trio Tap     
Gold8Christian Knight, Rosanna Lindsey14,16Dupont Dance Stage SchoolEnglandSURREY WITH THE FRINGE ON TOP90.3
Silver13Tara Duffy, Lila Eccles16,16Morgan Theatre ArtsNorthern IrelandSWING88.3
Bronze15Megan Healy, Louise Masters17,17Cheshunt Dancing SchoolEnglandRHYTHM88.0
41Brandon Day, James Embleton, Luke Lowry11,13,16Ison Aslanoff SchoolEnglandHERE COME THE LADS85.7
59Caitlin Davies, Cerys Johnson15,15Sarah Burnell School of DanceWalesGET HAPPY83.0
614Katie Bolan, Serena Ruth16,17St Ouens School of DancingJerseyNO WORDS82.7
711Morgana Byworth, Isobel Knight, Issey Quinn15,16,16Dupont Dance Stage SchoolEnglandJACKS RIFF82.0
84Mia Lyons Magill, Marie-Claire O'Connor, Nicole Reynolds13,13,15Morgan Theatre ArtsNorthern IrelandUNSQUARED DANCE81.7
93Lena Bermann, Nicole Kainz, Kerstin Pr├╝ckler13,13,14Dancing World Tanzschule Alexander KreisslAustriaPUTTIN' ON THE RITZ79.3
1010Emily Long, Charlotte Zabiela15,16Avril Earl Dance & Theatre Arts CentreGuernseyPLAY THAT SAX78.7
1112Lucy Trebert, Stephanie Savident16,16Avril Earl Dance & Theatre Arts CentreGuernseyTHE OFFICE78.0
122Declan Bailey, Leon Hughes, Dylan Short11,15,15The G12 StudioScotlandTAPTACULAR77.7
126Rosie Gicquel, Harry Quenault14,15Jersey Academy of DancingJerseyDOWN WITH LOVE77.7
147Melissa De Frietas, Zoe Jepson14,15Silhouette StudiosJerseyCOOL CATZ77.3
155Sophie Brown, Holly Anne Langlois14,14Avril Earl Dance & Theatre Arts CentreGuernseyON THE RUN72.3